Do you have a Thelma to your Louise?

I do. Sometimes I even call her Lou. She is definitely the Louise. But usually, I just call her Kathleen. I was chatting with her early this morning. She shared something that flooded me with gratitude for her presence in my life. It wasn’t that she has held my hand when I was teetering from a cliff. It was a reminder that like no one else, she intuitively sparks an energy into my day with her Seinfeld-esque, nonsensical banter.

We were talking about my upcoming birthday, and I said, “Yea. I don’t really care. I like my age.” Our age is like a massive gift basket full of stories that remind us what we’re made of.

Kathleen agreed. She told me that just this week she told someone she is 58-years-old. The person was stunned and said, “No. I can’t believe you are that old.”

Kathleen sat up a little taller, pushing her girls slightly higher, and said, “Really?”

“Yes,” The woman confirmed, “You don’t act like it.”

Laughter erupted from me as I celebrated how much I knew what this woman meant when she declared, you don’t act like it.

Kathleen is a mom, a wife, a nurse, a fly fisherwoman, a mountain and road cycler, a lover of music, a symbol of loyalty, a no-judgment helper of underdogs, and a natural-born master of comedic relief. She has friends who are doctors, housekeepers, lawyers, plumbers, and professors. She is the same Kathleen for all of them. Whether she is at work, at home, in nature, or in a five–star restaurant, she shows up with the same energy – a sense of mischief, looking to surprise, to delight, and to make you forget your troubles as you laugh so hard you shoot coffee from your nose.

Circa 2007

Today’s Talk to the Brain™ Tip is
Don’t act your age. Act with child-like energy.

It will invite people into your life who put a spring in your step and a spark in your soul.

Think this is woo-woo hogwash? Think again.

In Talk to the Brain™ terms, when we connect with close friends and engage in laughter our brain lights up with oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. This pleasure cocktail has the power to keep us motoring through life with a sustainable energy more powerful than a Starbucks Venti Red Eye.

Acting on your organic energy with the curiosity of a child will gift-basket your life with memories so rare, so unexpected that they fill up your heart and keep you going when you need it most.

I hope you will forward this on to the Louise(s) in your life!

With love and cheers,

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