Your practice is my passion

Imagine this…

  • You are delivering a compelling, clear message that gains your desired results from clients and audiences
  • You have elevated your ability to inspire and motivate your team with authentic, powerful messages
  • You solidified your brand, causing your entire organization to gain a unified momentum that translates to growth beyond your expectations

En Pointe Communication was born from decades of sales and presentation experience, corporate coaching and training, and a tenacious dedication to human behavior research. This has translated into the development of communication artists and athletes within our clients. Let’s do the same for you.

Your practice determines your performance

Is your team keeping your vision alive?

Elevate your Team

Have you taken the time to truly craft the messages you are delivering to your team? Do you know how their minds are responding to your communication? We are here to share the science that will help you understand how to motivate your team and sustain a momentum that translates into dedication and performance!

Are your presentations gaining results?

Improve presentation skills

Coaching speakers to elevate their game is one of our greatest passions. We combine decades of experience with proven strategies to help you find your sweet spot. By improving these skills, you’ll be inspired to deliver a perfectly on-point message that will captivate, convert, and close deals.

Is your message clear and memorable?

Craft winning messages

Is your message clear? Can you simply and consistently articulate your value and your super-powers? If the answer is no or you’re unsure, let us help you craft your winning message, making it memorable and actionable to prospects and audiences.

Have you mastered the art of storytelling?

Enhance storytelling acumen

All great communicators know how to tell a story that is emotional and sustains a clear message long after you are gone. There’s a true art to knowing how to craft a story, as well as how and when to share it. We’re here to help discover stories within you or help you enhance an existing story. We coach, challenge and empower you to truly impact your audience and leave them wanting more of you.

“Tara is a rock star! She has the unique ability to draw out emotion and story from people that typically present themselves as one dimensional.”

Meg Dietzel

Regional President, Patterson Dental

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