Tara Heaton developed Talk to the Brain™
to help people communicate for deeper connection and greater impact.

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Inspiring Audiences with Authenticity

We collaborate to build custom strategies, employing unique assets and abilities. Whether your audience is a single prospect or a thousand fans, we focus on your core purpose to ignite momentum, empowering you to grow your business and impact lives.

Our Mission

To help people craft and deliver messages that GENERATE SUCCESS through purpose and passion.

Our Vision

With your core PURPOSE as the guide, we deliver our MOMENTUM Method, empowering your team to inspire audiences and IMPACT lives.

Our Promise

We are dedicated to developing the AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION artist and athlete in you.

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“Now, when I walk into a room, I know I’m going to say something both engaging and strategic. And I know I’m saying it better than my competitors.”

Melanie Selcho

General Manager, Home-Probe

Ideas to fire up your potential

Fear has evolved.

Fear has evolved.

A crusty old caveman awakes to his usual hunger pangs. With age, his legs are slower, his eyes less keen and he can't...

How to Own your Wisdom

How to Own your Wisdom

"Shut up." It’s so harsh. In elementary school, we were told that "shut up" was as unacceptable as the F word. And...

A Piece on Peace

A Piece on Peace

As I sit in my cozy home with the fireplace whirring I feel privilege, tangled with shame. I think about the video I...

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