We help purpose-driven sales teams and speakers crush goals and create change.

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Our focus

With your core PURPOSE, we ignite MOMENTUM, empowering your team to inspire audiences, close sales and IMPACT lives.

About En Pointe

Inspiring Audiences with Authenticity

We collaborate to build custom strategies, employing unique assets and abilities. Whether your audience is a single prospect or a thousand fans, we focus on your core purpose to ignite momentum, empowering you to grow your business and impact lives.

To view communication merely as a science is to assume all people and all audiences are alike and a single formula will win every time.

We use the science of human behavior to customize our proven methodology for your audience and for your unique assets. And then we infuse art and sport to develop and define individual brands.

Do you want to enrich your presentations and truly impact lives? Do you want to win more clients and fall back in love with your work and mission?

“Tara is a rock star! Very authentic from the moment she begins the “Leading with Story” workshop. She has the unique ability to draw out emotion and story from people that typically present themselves as one dimensional. Her approach is simple yet unique and energizing. My team left the workshop engaging in conversation about ways to implement story into their professional relationships to gain trust, loyalty and ultimately success.”

– Meg Dietzel, Regional President, Patterson Dental.

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