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Inspiring Audiences with Authenticity

Purpose – Momentum – Impact

It’s one thing to get an audience’s attention. It’s another to keep it and leave a lasting impression that sparks change.

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We’ve all sat through speaking engagements that have left us yawning, wondering when’s the next break, or completely drained of our energy. Not here. Not this time.

I have been speaking professionally for over 20 years and whether we’re at the annual company retreat for an inspiring and re-energizing message or in a ballroom with executives where the stakes are high, I weave together a unique and compelling message to help you achieve your business goal. Bonus: We’ll have a lot of fun while we’re at it.

My approach is very intentional: I deliver Actionable Energy. That means I leave audiences with the tools they need to walk away feeling empowered to implement new strategies right now. Equipping teams to lead with purpose and authenticity is my superpower. I’d be thrilled to share it with your passionate team..

“Tara is a captivating speaker. Her energy and knowledge of her subject matter keep you engaged. Mixing real life experiences with scientific research, intrigues the room. She’s dynamic and a badass!”

– Kimberly Otey, Owner, 5 Financial

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