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In 2005, I was at the top of my sales game, winning more accounts and inspiring more audiences than I ever dreamed possible. And then my world as I knew it stopped spinning. My daughter was struck with a virus that caused traumatic brain injury and life- threatening encephalitis. This resulted in a lifetime of epileptic seizures that slowly degenerate cognitive function.

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I put my career on the back burner and devoted my time and savings to healing my child. Through this trying process, I became a student of the human brain. I discovered countless traditional and unconventional therapies for seizure control. Then as my daughter’s abilities continued to deteriorate, I devoted my research to memory and human behavior. I became enraptured with how we learn and how our neurotransmitters affect our energy as well as our ability to trust, to remember, to care, and to act.

At the same time, I still had a business to run. I still had to coach a sales team and continue to nurture client relationships. This was the catalyst to the discovery of my Talk to the Brain™ platform and the birth of En Pointe Communication.

As I studied brain function, I discovered countless light-bulb moments that aligned with teaching relational sales and presentation skills. With the science of human behavior as evidence, I embraced communication as art and sport. I taught, modeled, challenged, and collaborated with individuals to discover their honorable purpose and their unique gifts, giving them the ability to gain momentum, influence audiences, close sales and impact lives. It was through this experience that I discovered my core mission: To help people communicate for deeper connection and greater impact.

To deliver on this mission, I sold my business and went to work in a corporate setting as a national sales trainer. I continued to guide, teach, and challenge professionals to discover their gifts by sharing powerful, relevant stories and articulating their mission and value with on-point clarity. At heart, I’m driven by helping professionals build trust and connect with authenticity to strengthen teams and influence audiences of all sizes.

Years later, I knew it was time to take my mission to new heights. I have aligned years of research with years of experience to develop a proven communication methodology that is natural and obtainable. It is beyond a scientific, single formula. It pulls from art, sport, and science to make communication more clear, memorable, believable and most importantly, actionable.

While my research has certainly informed my work, I look back over the past years and see a bigger gift. Living as my daughter’s warrior has taught me how to treasure life’s minutes with fierce intention. I have learned we can still embrace joy, even when the world seems so heavy it impacts our every breath. I have learned to turn anguish into fuel for optimal communication, productivity, and execution of life. It would be my honor to share these truths and strategies with you.

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“Tara brought immense knowledge, expertise and passion to Centegix. We look forward to continued work with En Pointe Communication as our sales force grows.”

Alysse Daniels, M.ED.

VP, Strategic Accounts & Alliances

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