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In 2005, I was at the top of my sales game, winning more accounts and inspiring more audiences than I ever dreamed possible. And then my world as I knew it stopped spinning. My daughter was struck with a traumatic brain injury that has been exacerbated ever since by years of epileptic seizures.

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I put my career on the back burner and devoted my time and savings to healing my child. Through this trying process, I became a student of the human brain. I first learned the brain’s biology. Then as my daughter’s abilities continued to deteriorate, I devoted my research to human behavior. I became enraptured with how we learn and how our brain structure and chemistry determine our every choice.

At the same time, I still had a business to run and had to face the reality that I still had to teach others to grow sales and take care of my beloved customers. This was the catalyst to the discovery of the Momentum Method and the creation of En Pointe Communication.

During this time, I saw my philosophy prove true as I coached young professionals to communicate, present and sell with authenticity. I was also devoted to helping people discover their unique gifts. With the science of human behavior as evidence, I embraced communication as art and sport. I taught, modeled, challenged and collaborated with individuals to discover their honorable purpose and their unique gifts, giving them the ability to gain momentum, influence audiences, close sales and impact lives.

It was through this experience that I discovered my core mission:
To Help People Generate Success Through Purpose and Passion

In an effort to deliver on this mission, I sold my business in 2013 and went to work in the corporate setting as a sales and presentation coach. I continued to guide, teach, and challenge professionals to discover their gifts by sharing powerful, relevant stories and articulating their mission and value with on-point clarity. At the heart of who I am, I’m driven by helping professionals connect with authenticity and to influence audiences of all sizes.

In 2018, I knew it was time to take my mission to new heights. I have aligned years of research with years of experience to develop a proven communication and sales methodology that is natural and obtainable. It is beyond a scientific, single formula. It pulls the art from each speaker and infuses sport into your game.

My focus with En Pointe is to help salespeople, speakers and anyone with a powerful story, generate success through purpose and passion. Building confidence and ability within people delivers on this mission every time. And when someone is passionate about their work, the result is unprecedented success!

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“Tara brought immense knowledge, expertise and passion to Centegix. We look forward to continued work with En Pointe Communication as our sales force grows.”

Alysse Daniels, M.ED.

VP, Strategic Accounts & Alliances

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