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is Tara Heaton's signature service. The curriculum was developed from almost two decades of the study of neuroeconomics combined with over 20 years of sales, leadership, and corporate experience. Tara expertly engages audiences with a mash-up of science, stories, and activities that break down assumptions and build trust.

Participants will learn what the minds of today need to remain focused, to have clarity, to trust, to learn, and to make change. These interactive workshops allow the participants to experience the power of their authentic voice. The strategies are customized to collaborative meetings, negotiations, presentations, and one-on-one conversations.

Talk to the Brain™ workshops empower people to gain greater impact and better results from the words they speak.

En Pointe Storytelling

En Pointe Storytelling

Stories are power. Well told stories connect us on a level that speaks to our emotions and our values. Our En Pointe Storytelling Workshop is designed to help you grow your business and your brand. You will learn how to become an expert at discovering stories that feature your mission and catapult your impact. Whether your audience is a prospect, a team, a crowd or a friend, the ability to tell stories from your very own authentic voice will elevate these relationships and deliver the results you desire.



5 Voices is an assessment that transforms the way you approach your work, your communication, and your relationships. The 5 Voices workshop series helps you better understand your natural communication code and how it is received by others.

Unlike similar assessments, 5 Voices stays with you. An understanding of your unique voice order equips you to bring your full potential to the success of the team. It starts with knowing yourself, clarifying accountability, and learning how to align your work with your strengths and values.

Take the 5 Voices Assessment to learn what your foundational voice is today!



How would a more engaged, more connected leadership team affect your bottom line? Ineffective communication is a barrier to innovation, leads to loss in productivity and is the number one cause of turnover.

Leaders who feel valued will take initiative, support their colleagues, and remain mission focused.

En Pointe Communication retreats are designed to help leadership and board members build trust, respect, and momentum. We combine 5 Voices and Talk to the Brain™ strategies to energize teams and set them on a clear path with a crystalized vision. The commitments and progress made during the retreat live on because we expertly apply the knowledge to real world scenarios unique to your team.

“Along with a deep understanding of human behavior, her unique and refreshing approach has allowed us to align our mission with our messaging and given us the tools to impact more lives.”

Dotsie Bausch

Executive Director, Switch4Good.org

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