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How’s it going? Are you redesigning your business strategy to align with our current virtual world? It’s not a simple task is it? Not only do we need to find new ways to take care of ourselves during this shelter-in-place season; but we need to find new ways to care for our clients and friends. Last week I shared 10 tips for how to better care for your mind+body+spirit during this time. If you aren’t feeling like yourself, I encourage you to give it a read. These are concrete steps to get you back on track in this culture of semi-isolation.

And as promised, this week I am reaching out to offer help to you and your business.

One of last week’s tips was to GIVE. It’s good for your psyche and it’s good for the recipients. Imagine the exponential bounty of gifts that would emerge if we all found ways to share our skills and talents during such an uncertain, stressful time. We are in this together and together, we are writing history. Let’s be a part of what it means to be united, selfless and faithful. With that as the impetus, I want to give during this time by helping you or someone you know who could use some support or new direction right now.

If you have found yourself needing to start or increasing your creation of webinars, virtual meetings and presentations from your home office, I want to help! There are clear strategies backed by concrete data that can elevate the results you seek. Talk to the Brain research can help make your presentations and messages more compelling, memorable and actionable. I’ll be blunt – I’ve endured some pretty rough presentations over the past few weeks. Passion and knowledge still need strategy! Here are three ways to crystalize your message, make it more memorable and increase the results you desire. There are many more easy techniques that can amplify your voice and message; but these are the three I see most commonly missed.

Three Proven Strategies For Your Virtual Business Communications

  1. Customize the asset for the setting. There should be 2 very different decks, one for presenting and one for sharing as a stand-alone asset. Many people are presenting with the same exact deck they are sharing as a promotional or informational digital asset. Proven strategies can help you redesign the presentation deck to reinforce your message and keep virtual audiences engaged. I am here to help.
  2. Don’t overwhelm your audience. Talking while expecting the audience to read is a nooooooo. About 2% of your audience has the capacity to read and listen simultaneously. The rest of us average folks are trying to read your bullets and graphs while you are paraphrasing the same information. This puts our brains in a state of anxiety and frustration. There are simple, clear-cut ways to design your cadence for ease of understanding and increased retention. I am here to help!
  3. FORS. Frame, organize, reinforce and simplify. Live speeches often start with a powerful story and then the skilled speakers will quickly let you know where they are going with the story’s lesson. This is much more difficult to pull off successfully in a virtual setting. Why? Because if you launch into a story, we have the luxury of looking for a recipe for tonight’s dinner while we appear to be listening. In a virtual setting we must lead with value. Talk to the Brain science teaches how to begin, why to frame and the need for reinforcement and simplicity. I am here to help!

These three tips are just a sample of our techniques for greater impact. With En Pointe’s Talk to the Brain science and our Purpose. Momentum. Impact. framework, we can power-up your message and results! So, let’s get to work. I am offering a free lesson on virtual presentation strategy. As we continue to “shelter in place”, I will offer as many single strategy sessions as I am able. You will be amazed at how one session can elevate your skill and impact. Click here and send me a note!

Wishing you health and fortitude,


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