Momentum Method Workshop

Our Momentum Method is like no other sales strategy. It’s easy to understand and implement. It’s comfortable and requires very little memorization or scripting in order to master. The greatest benefit of the Momentum Method is that it causes salespeople to love what they do. And when people love what they do, they stay engaged and are victorious..


Adopting the Momentum Method for your sales force will enhance your current sales training platform by putting human connections at the forefront of how they develop trust, credibility, value clarity and change. There are countless formulas for solution selling, consultative selling, diagnostic selling etc. None of these pulls the natural attributes of the salesperson to the surface. None of these teaches us how to develop the type of genuine relationship that pays dividends far beyond any value proposition or negotiating tactic. The Momentum Method is easy to remember and implement because it is natural, bending to the gifts and attributes of each team member. How many sales training events have you attended that were motivating at the time, but never really referenced again? The ultimate ROI fail, huh? No more. Not here. After a Momentum Method workshop experience, the learning is virtually impossible to forget. It breeds confidence. It focuses on your honorable mission first, learning to clearly connect it to the unique assets of your potential client.

3-Day momentum method workshop:

We do offer a condensed version, but a 3-day event is ideal.

  • Each participant will arrive having taken the assessment. En Pointe Communication is a certified affiliate.
  • Each participant will uncover their personal brand, as well as their cautionary communication specifics. We apply these to their real-world pipeline opportunities.
  • The workshop is an interactive application of the 5 Momentum Method components.
    • These components crush the mentality of a tiered or step-based process. Sorry! No such thing as a one-size-fits-all process in the art and the sport of sales.

Participants will leave with:

  • A new confidence in their ability to win!
  • A clear understanding and acceptance of where they can work to improve effectiveness.
  • An ability to define their unique value, and your company’s differentiating assets so that it is natural and precise.
  • The ability to connect on a deeper level with prospects and clients.
  • A tangible, tactical plan to stay the course, develop skills and grow sales.
  • Reinforcement resources from En Pointe Communication.

And it is so much fun! It’s a valuable, unforgettable experience for your team. It is a gift from you, telling your team that you believe in them and you’re investing in their success.

But hey! This is our perspective. Here’s what past attendees had to say:

“Tara’s leadership and knowledge are indescribable. After this workshop I feel as though I’d walk through fire for her. I find myself wanting to know every bit of knowledge she can impart.”

“Tara is very talented and insightful. As she coached our presentations, she told us what we needed to hear, not what we wanted to hear.”

“A very inspirational leader. Tara pushed me to do things that were a little out of my comfort zone but she showed me I can be successful in that place.”

“Tara is a very competent and experienced individual. She has a wealth of knowledge relating to sales communication, relationship building and prospect management. ”

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