Leading with Story workshop

All great communicators know how to tell a story that is emotional and sustains a clear message long after you’re gone. There’s a true art to knowing how to craft a story, as well as how and when to share it. We’re here to help discover stories within you or help you enhance your acumen. We coach, challenge and empower you to truly impact your audience and leave them wanting more of you.


The most effective stories are about a moment in time. Through turmoil, they escalate to an epiphanic event. They deliver emotion by firing the perfect blend of dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin and oxytocin in the brain. These are the goods that cause people to act. Whether you are working to enrich culture, improve customer relations, influence audiences or close sales, the Leading with Story experience delivers.

2 Storytelling formats available:



Both workshops deliver:

  • Live experiences demonstrating the power of story in building strong, trusted bonds
  • An ability to identify relevant stories and craft them for greatest impact
  • An ability to execute on a proven story arc and apply to individualized experiences
  • A clear understanding and acceptance of where stories can work to improve effectiveness.
  • The ability to connect on a deeper level with prospects and clients
  • A tangible, tactical plan for continued growth as a communication artist and athlete
  • Reinforcement resources from En Pointe Communication.
  • A new confidence in the ability to affect change and impact lives!

STORY for CULTURE and COMMUNICATION event drills down on stories that will best enhance team, culture, connection with colleagues and clients.

The STORY for PRESENTATION and SALES event teaches En Pointe’s 8+2 components of winning presentations, of which storytelling artistry is a large part. This workshop has more emphasis on sales or speaking in a presentation format.

And it is so much fun! It is a valuable, unforgettable experience for your team. It’s a gift from you, telling your team that you believe in them and you are investing in their success.

But hey! This is our perspective. Here’s what past attendees had to say:

“Incredible. Tara hits an emotional vibe that really encourages me in my role.”

“The VERY BEST presenter and facilitator that I have ever experienced in 33 years as a professional.”

“Tara is an excellent coach and trainer.”

“Tara is an outstanding facilitator and presenter. She was engaging, enthusiastic and provided a bounty of invaluable information.”

“Tara did a phenomenal job of teaching us to paint a picture when we are presenting.”

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